Stone Works Picks

This one-of-a-kind, engraved, stone guitar pick arrived today. It is made out of Kingman Turquoise. Alan was born in Kingman (Arizona) and his birthstone is turquoise. What a wonderful tribute.


New Products in the Store!

Check out the new products featuring our teen goodwill ambassadors SYDNEY and SHANIA!
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Judith Miller Band

Pick With Austin got to hang out with the Judith Miller Band on Friday, March 4 (2011). This photo shows PWA’s own Shania and Sydney posing for a photo with the band between song sets.


Welcome and congratulations to Shania and Sydney: PICK WITH AUSTIN’S NEW SPOKES PERSONS AND OUR GOODWILL AMBASSADOR’S!

Clayton USA Website

Pick With Austin written up on the Clayton USA website in their blog!

More Picks – Clayton USA!

A great sponsor, another great pick.

Dell Children’s Medical Center